The Diploma program in ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING has been started in this institution in the year 2001 with an intake of 60 students. To play a pivotal role to enable the department in to a CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE” And to provide WORLD CLASS TECHNICAL EDUCATION to meet the challenges of the rapidly evolving field of Engineering, high pattern of discipline blended with managerial skills and leadership qualities to contribute to the development of society. The department will support the mission of the institute through continual practice & conduct.


  • Provide Innovative Proffesional Education with Updated Technical Skill and Succesive Assesment.
  • Provide State-Of-the-art Infrastructure Facilities there by Creating Opportunities  for Learning  and  Innovation.
  • Provide Conductive Academia Ambience that Would Facilitate Industry Interface.
  • Contribute to the Development of Scoiety with Social Responsible Engineers.

We just make our things happen easily in our daily routine with help of ELECTRONICS, it find its application everywhere like education, industries, medical, defense, research and developments. COMMUNICATION also had its role in making people connect together, though they are at the different parts of the world. The people certified with this course can even get diversified to software side finding their careers as software program developers and software engineers.

The developments of various fields like Nanotechnology, Robot in communication side made wide range of opportunity. There are chances like JTO’s (junior telecom officers),BSNL, private communication channels, etc. Other than conventional Communication Engineering jobs like, communication networking, the rapid development of Image processing, wireless communication, manufacturing and utilization sectors, Electronics and Communication Engineers are well positioned to address a variety of the crucial engineering issues facing societies today.

Besides these, the diploma engineering people can find job as a customer support officers, laboratory technician, field service technician, service-shop technician, Engineering assistant and many more.


To provide quality environment for Electronics and Communication Engineering diploma holders to excel in profession to cater the needs for self and societal development.


The department of ECE supports the mission of the institute through all its practices and conducts.
The department will

  • Provide good learning environment to enable the students to face the challenges of technological advancement through theoretical and practical orientation.
  • Enable students to develop skills to solve complex technological problems.
  • To nurture innovation and leadership quality to address the industrial and social needs.

Program Educational Objectives

  • Adopt and upgrade themselves in the technological challenges of present and futures.
  • Have good practice in using modern electronics, and IT Tools, for the design and analysis of complex engineering problems.
  • Absorb and apply fundamental knowledge to solve industry and societal problem.

Program Specific outcomes

  • To provide with a solid foundation in Electronics, Communication and Networking which required to design products for modern electronics.
  • To provide students with an academic environment to innovate and adapt to technical changes.
  • To prepare the students to excel in their profession to provide viable solution for industrial and societal problem.
  • Provide innovative professional education with social responsibilities, so that each student acquires respect for moral values, a sense of belongingness, responding to social causes, sensitivity towards fellow human and thereby imbuing in them the leadership qualities.
  • Provide strong foundation for wide range of higher education like ECE, EEE, EIE, and Robotics Engineering.
  • Provide placement in software as well as hardware companies like Wipro, HCL, Infosys, IBM, HP etc.,
  • Provide government jobs in EB, BSNL, Power Stations and Lab Technician in Colleges.
  • Provide self employment like computer hardware, TV, Radio, Microwave oven and all Electrical & Electronics items servicing, Dealerships, Project Works etc.,


The following companies are recruited our students


Faculty Name: Mrs. BLAIZELET MARY. J
Qualification: M.E (Applied Electronics)
Designation: HOD
Years of Experience: 25 Years
Email: blaizeletmary.pmc@gmail.com

Faculty Name: Mr. VEERAMANI. C
Qualification: M.E (Applied Electronics)
Designation: Sr. LECTURER
Years of Experience: 8 Years
Email: veeramanigceb@gmail.com

Faculty Name: Mrs. SELVAKUMARI. M
Qualification: M.E (Applied Electronics)
Designation: Sr. LECTURER
Years of Experience: 7 Years
Email: selvakumari.sundaram@gmail.com

Faculty Name: Mr. RAJKUMAR. M
Qualification: M.E (Applied Electronics)
Designation: LECTURER
Years of Experience: 7 Years
Email: rajkumarmuthu1987@gmail.com

Faculty Name: Mrs. NAGALAKSHMI. N
Qualification: B.E
Designation: LECTURER
Years of Experience: 5 Years
Email: nagalakshmi1610@gmail.com

Faculty Name: Mrs. FLARANCE JENIFER. M
Qualification: B.E
Designation: LECTURER
Years of Experience: 6 Years
Email: flarancejenifer@gmail.com

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU’s)

S. No Date of MOU Signed Name Of The Industry Domain Area Contributed
1 21.06.2018 Vi Microsystems Pvt. Ltd.,Chennai Electronics and Communication Engineering Student Placements, Internship, Industrial visit
2 10.12.2019 Pantech eLearning Private Limited,Chennai Electronics and Communication Engineering Student Placements, Internship, Industrial visit