• Our college stresses decent behavior on every individual
  • Students should obey the instructions given by the staff
  • Punctuality should be kept by the students in all activities of the college.
  • Students should not use mobile phones inside the college campus.
  • Formal dress code is the must for the students.
  • Students should not wear ropes, bracelets, rings T-Shirt, Jeans, Cap and all other fancies inside the campus.
  • Boys: Students should come with tuck-in-shirt, shoes and black belt. Girls: Students should wear chudidhar with over coats.
  • Students must not go outside the college campus during working hours.
  • Students should help to keep the environment in neat & tidy.
  • In any form of using chewing gum and tobacco is strictly prohibited inside the college campus.
  • Students should not loiter in the veranda sit on the steps of the portico an staircases.
  • Students should get the prior permission of the Principal for organizing functions.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the college premises.
  • Students are advised to look at the notice board every day.
  • Students who are found using drugs or in a drunken state will be summarily dismissed from the college.
  • Students should get prior permission from the concern Staff members to take leave.



  • Keep your room clean and also the place you use.
  • Take care of mental health and physical health
  • Regularly contact and communicate with parents on routine activities.
  • Allow mind to recall your success potential demanded and the amount of effort you have contributed.
  • On day to day weekly monthly basis assess your contribution towards the goal / target.
  • Every day morning spend at least five minutes for planning for that day activities.
  • Discuss your difficulties with your friends and tutor.


  • Be attentive in the class.
  • Take the gist of class lecturer.
  • Daily recall the same in the evening during study hour.
  • Fix and follow clearly the study hour.
  • Use library effectively.


  • Do not keep costly items.
  • Do not share private problems with others except your parents and  close friends.
  • Do not miss the class
  • Never allow study hours for discussion writing records assignments etc.,
  • Never think of the negative aspects.
  • Do not ignore the experience gained from negative thought / result.
  • Never allow mind to fade from success.


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