“The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives”

True Education indeed paves the path for the children to learn new things in a correct manner. It heals them, broadens their perspectives and enriches their knowledge to face the globally competitive era. PMC TECH- Polytechnic started in 1996 with an objective to provide quality education and excellence in ever changing field of technical education. Technology is moving at a very fast pace. What was breakthrough yesterday is obsolete today. This has made it imperative that future technocrats must be familiar not only with technical skill but also with the technology of tomorrow. The maximum “survival of fittest” is more relevant now than ever before. We believe in value based quality education and faculty Members at PMC TECH – Polytechnic are striving hard for it, so that product of our Polytechnic college is well received by the industry, public and private sector organization and others. I hope young Diploma engineers passing from the institute will create difference in Indian and Global scenario.


Shri. P. KUMAR